A bigger workers’ movement through grassroots fundraising:

Monthly Donor Campaign ends in success: 210 members and allies are now donating monthly!

We started this campaign to ensure that the worker-center would continue to be independent.

Last year, we covered 48% of our expenses through grassroots fundraising and as we grow we need continued mass support from the community.

A huge chunk — more than half — of people who have signed up this time around have been new donors. We can’t tell you how surprised we were about that, and how amazing it is to see over a hundred new folks step up to the plate for this commitment that means so much to us, with over 10% of our budget now coming from over 210 monthly donors kicking in an average of $14 each.

During this monthly donor campaign, the work continued. We held two wage theft direct actions, a worker won their case, we led a major protest against Trump in coalition with other groups, MCRU opening their organizing center in North Nashville, and the survey team contacted dozens of housekeepers.

And during it, a team of 30+ members and allies wrote 100s of letters, made 1000s of phone calls, knocked on doors and had personal conversations in order to sign up folks as monthly donors and keep this organization both growing and grassroots-funded.

Thanks to all their work and to the community.

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