VICTORY! With protest looming, Jenifer León recovers double the amount of her unpaid wages, for her cleaning work!

Jenifer, a member of Workers’ Dignity, had announced a public protest at the Regal movie theater on Thompson Lane on March 17. She was paid double the amount of her total wages owed just days before the planned protest!

The protest was planned after months of attempts at negotiation. According to León, when she went to demand her wages from the contracting company, TX Empire Group told her that they never pay their workers their first week’s wages if they do not continue working past their first week. Starting in September 2016, the cleaning worker tried to negotiate with TX Empire Group and with the manager of the movie theater, Robert Fiandra, with calls, letters, and a delegation to the theater.

Jenifer explained that this victory was possible “thanks to the members of Workers’ Dignity who supported me. I encourage all workers who have had wage theft happen to them to speak up and defend their rights. Don’t be intimidated by bosses who mistreat you.”

“Employers are responsible for workers’ wages, even if the worker has been hired through a contractor or a subcontractor,” commented Neptalí Pérez, an organizer with Workers’ Dignity. “When employers don’t pay employees, the community responds.”

Workers’ Dignity will continue to support all of our members whose wages have been stolen until their wages are paid. Workers’ Dignity, based in Nashville, is a non-profit worker center which unites low-wage workers to defend their rights. Through non-violent direct action, more than 150 workers have recovered over $350,000 in stolen wages and compensation since April 2010, and over 120 housekeepers have organized to win wage increases of over $750,000 since 2013.

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