Workers strike, 200 march demanding “Santuary for All“, over 1,400 sign the petition, $5,000 raised, and a wage theft victory!

The Tennessean printed the lead:

In South Nashville, Nashvillians participated in marches and a general strike. Workers’ Dignity and Music City Riders United organized a march and celebration.


Around 200 demonstrators called for a living wage, an end to wage theft, affordable housing, better public transportation and for there to be not one more deportation. They also demanded the public divest from police agencies and invest in communities.

Uniting our communities with the demand of Santuary for All, we marched with the Central Labor Council, Black Lives Matter – Nashville, Justice for Jocques Coalition, Power Together Tennessee, UAW Local 737, the Women’s March Network, and Jobs with Justice Middle TN.

Kids, parents, workers, students, teachers, and other community members all joined the celebration after the march.

Music mixed with testimonials from workers speaking to their victories they lead against wage theft, members of Music City Riders United talking about how they’re fighting for a better city bus system and making progress, and others talking about why they had gone out on strike.

At the same time, we announced that over 1,500 people have signed our petition so far to stand with & defend workers as they take bolder actions on the job!

Wage Theft Victory!

Also among the May Day marchers? Orbelina and Eulises.

They worked cleaning Regal Cinemas, Hollywood 27, hired by the subcontractor TX Empire Group.

They weren’t paid their full wages, so they looked for support at Workers’ Dignity.

After several weeks of working together with other workers, they won their case this last week! This is what they said:

“We have managed to recover our salary that we thought was lost. We are happy for all the support that all the members have given us. And we invite those people who have had cases of wage theft, to come to Workers’ Dignity so that together we can demand that our rights be respected. Because we all have rights to a fair wage.”

And Eulises added,

“I like this organization because together we support each other to demand and fight for our unpaid salary, and with Workers’ Dignity everything is possible.”

PS. After the organization began in May 2010, we’ve celebrated our anniversary on May Day each year as a celebration & community fundraiser. This year, members made the decision to focus on promoting the strike, march, and organizing for Sanctuary for All with the national mobilization. Still, we have taken time to check in with all our members and allies at the celebration and over the phone and let folks know: we truly rely on everyone’s year-to-year financial support. So far we raised over $5,500 at the anniversary. You’ve seen the escalation in attacks, and we’re asking for your continued support. You can make a one-time donation here or become a monthly donor. Thank you.

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