656 Nashvillians sign on to support the Cleaning Workers’ Bill of Rights:

See the list of 656 people who signed here.

Join the march today at 5:00, meeting in front of the library!

More and more hotels are going up in Nashville – in the area of downtown alone, 4000 new hotel rooms will be built in the coming years. And the city government has given away millions of dollars to new hotels (a program known as TIF).

Many of these hotels charge more than $200 a night to stay there. But they pay nowhere near a living wage to the workers: those who clean the hotel rooms, haul and wash bedding and towels, and everyone else whose work makes it possible for the hotel to make a profit.

Hotel workers know what we really deserve: $15 an hour, paid sick days and maternity leave, health insurance, and much more. This is our Cleaning Workers’ Bill of Rights.

On June 20th, housekeepers, other cleaning workers, and all the community will march. We want cleaning workers to have fair working conditions: a minimum wage of $15 an hour, paid sick days and maternity time, and more than anything else, respect for hotel and cleaning workers.

Workers’ Dignity, based in Nashville, is an organization of low-wage workers organizing for economic justice and dignity for all. Through nonviolent actions, more than 150 workers have recovered more than $350,000 in stolen wages since April 2010, and since 2013, more than 120 housekeepers have organized and won raises of more than $750,000.

Put your name on our Bill of Rights so that hotel owners know that Nashville is demanding dignity for all workers!

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