SANTUARY FOR ALL: Workers Launch Historic STRIKE this May 1st!

This May 1st, workers across Nashville will launch a historic STRIKE for dignity, a living wage, and an end to local and national policies that target communities of color and working-class communities.

Workers’ Dignity, Music City Riders United, and others are joining the national action, calling a May Day march in solidarity with workers who are going on strike across the city. Members of those organizations and others have already begun spreading the word among coworkers and on social media.

On February 16, workers across Nashville joined 100,000s of immigrants across the county in a nationwide strike under the banner of a “Day Without An Immigrant,” and at least 40 businesses closed in solidarity. Since then, momentum has been building for a broader action, with projections of 10 million workers walking off the job on May 1. In several states, organizations are expecting the largest general strike turnout since 2006, when there were immigrant worker strikes in 102 cities.

A coalition of Latinx-led, Black-led, and workers organizations in Nashville is calling this action to demand Sanctuary for All. This means:

  • Living wage and a Cleaning Workers’ Bill of Rights
  • End wage theft
  • Affordable housing
  • Better public transit
  • Divest from police agencies and invest in communities
  • Not 1 More deportation
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