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SANTUARY FOR ALL: Workers Launch Historic STRIKE this May 1st!

This May 1st, workers across Nashville will launch a historic STRIKE for dignity, a living wage, and an end to local and national policies that target communities of color and working-class communities.

Workers’ Dignity, Music City Riders United, and others are joining the national action, calling a May Day march in solidarity with workers who are going on strike across the city. Members of those organizations and others have already begun spreading the word among coworkers and on social media.

On February 16, workers across Nashville joined 100,000s of immigrants across the county in a nationwide strike under the banner of a “Day Without An Immigrant,” and at least 40 businesses closed in solidarity. Since then, momentum has been building for a broader action, with projections of 10 million workers walking off the job on May 1. In several states, organizations are expecting the largest general strike turnout since 2006, when there were immigrant worker strikes in 102 cities.

A coalition of Latinx-led, Black-led, and workers organizations in Nashville is calling this action to demand Sanctuary for All. This means:

  • Living wage and a Cleaning Workers’ Bill of Rights
  • End wage theft
  • Affordable housing
  • Better public transit
  • Divest from police agencies and invest in communities
  • Not 1 More deportation
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Buscamos organizadorx de comités de defensa del barrio!

Horas: 40-50 a la semana
Fecha de comienzo: lo más pronto posible
Fecha límite para entregar la carta de presentación, resúmen de tu experiencia (currículum o algo parecido) y 2 personas de referencia: 2 mayo 2017
Envía todo a ¿Preguntas? Llama a 615-669-6679


  • La meta primordial de esta posición es crear comités de defensa del barrio que organizan la comunidad afectada por redadas de migración en vecindarios locales de Nashville y sus alrededores. Trabajarás dentro de la coalición Defensa Comunitaria de Nashville.
  • Preparar estos comités para pelear casos migratorios; crear infraestructura para enfrentar redadas; y construir fuertes relaciones con otros grupos que vienen de comunidades que se enfrentan al racismo.
  • Coordinar voluntarios para eventos de alcance a comunidades afectadas.  
  • Desarrollar y apoyar a líderes emergentes de los comités (por ejemplo, capacitaciones y apoyo en: cómo facilitar talleres; cómo hacer alcance y seguimiento; cómo crear una agenda y facilitar reuniones de los comités; uso de tecnología, etc).
  • Coordinar con aliados para organizar con comités de base, tomar su liderazgo.  
  • Coordinar comités de vecindario con otros comités vecindarios de nashville
  • Construir relaciones con diferentes organizaciones comunitarias, incluyendo organizaciones religiosas.

Calidades / Habilidades

  • Bilingüe, Español e Inglés.
  • Mínimo 1 a 2 años de experiencia organizando con la comunidad Inmigrante.
  • Cómodo trabajando largas horas flexibles como noches y fines de semana.
  • Tener una manera confiable de transportación.
  • Tener experiencia con computadoras y medios sociales.
  • Ser parte de una familia que está directamente afectada por el sistema roto de inmigración.
  • Tener una pasión por la justicia social.  
  • Tener paciencia.
  • Tener un conocimiento básico del sistema migratorio.
  • Puede manejar varias personalidades, diferentes opiniones y diferentes estilos de trabajo y experiencia en resolver conflictos interpersonales.
  • Estar motivado para tomar iniciativa, sin ocupar mucha supervisión.  

Compensación: $32,000 al año más seguro médico y vacaciones pagadas.

Las mujeres, lxs migrantes, y las personas que son directamente afectadas por el racismo se les anima a entregar solicitud.


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Thousands are joining the movement:

Over 7500 people have signed up with us in the last two and a half months, asking to be contacted with their phone numbers & emails in order to get and stay involved.

Are you looking to get involved or have a case at work? Visit on a Thursday at 6:30 for our weekly wage theft meeting at 335 Whitsett Rd, become a monthly donor, or call for more information at 615-601-2820.

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VICTORY! With protest looming, Jenifer León recovers double the amount of her unpaid wages, for her cleaning work!

Jenifer, a member of Workers’ Dignity, had announced a public protest at the Regal movie theater on Thompson Lane on March 17. She was paid double the amount of her total wages owed just days before the planned protest!

The protest was planned after months of attempts at negotiation. According to León, when she went to demand her wages from the contracting company, TX Empire Group told her that they never pay their workers their first week’s wages if they do not continue working past their first week. Starting in September 2016, the cleaning worker tried to negotiate with TX Empire Group and with the manager of the movie theater, Robert Fiandra, with calls, letters, and a delegation to the theater.

Jenifer explained that this victory was possible “thanks to the members of Workers’ Dignity who supported me. I encourage all workers who have had wage theft happen to them to speak up and defend their rights. Don’t be intimidated by bosses who mistreat you.”

“Employers are responsible for workers’ wages, even if the worker has been hired through a contractor or a subcontractor,” commented Neptalí Pérez, an organizer with Workers’ Dignity. “When employers don’t pay employees, the community responds.”

Workers’ Dignity will continue to support all of our members whose wages have been stolen until their wages are paid. Workers’ Dignity, based in Nashville, is a non-profit worker center which unites low-wage workers to defend their rights. Through non-violent direct action, more than 150 workers have recovered over $350,000 in stolen wages and compensation since April 2010, and over 120 housekeepers have organized to win wage increases of over $750,000 since 2013.

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Workers’ Dignity members coordinate with coalition to organize massive 2,500 person resistance march to the doors of Trump’s rally in Nashville:

Trump’s email reads: “As we have said, this is a Movement, and this movement is growing by the day!”

But Trump wasn’t the only one out in Nashville yesterday. Over 1,000 people from a coalition of organizations went out on the streets:

What Trump calls “his movement” is really a counter-reaction to our growing, interconnected social movement that stands for economic justice and dignity for all.

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Community stands with striking painting workers facing retaliation:

Allies standing against retaliation!

Member Jennifer leading chants!

2 weeks ago, painting workers at Bradley Coatings, Inc, organized and decided not to go into work as part of the nationwide action “A Day without Immigrants.” 18 of them were fired after standing up and taking action.

Now, the workers are demanding justice, in the form of compensation for being unfairly fired.

They have a message for the company: that they should treat all employees fairly, without discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc. They also are demanding that Bradley Coatings not retaliate against other workers in the future.

This action comes on the heels of another demonstration last week, also in front of Bradley Coatings, which was organized by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT). The momentum is building!

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A bigger workers’ movement through grassroots fundraising:

Monthly Donor Campaign ends in success: 210 members and allies are now donating monthly!

We started this campaign to ensure that the worker-center would continue to be independent.

Last year, we covered 48% of our expenses through grassroots fundraising and as we grow we need continued mass support from the community.

A huge chunk — more than half — of people who have signed up this time around have been new donors. We can’t tell you how surprised we were about that, and how amazing it is to see over a hundred new folks step up to the plate for this commitment that means so much to us, with over 10% of our budget now coming from over 210 monthly donors kicking in an average of $14 each.

During this monthly donor campaign, the work continued. We held two wage theft direct actions, a worker won their case, we led a major protest against Trump in coalition with other groups, MCRU opening their organizing center in North Nashville, and the survey team contacted dozens of housekeepers.

And during it, a team of 30+ members and allies wrote 100s of letters, made 1000s of phone calls, knocked on doors and had personal conversations in order to sign up folks as monthly donors and keep this organization both growing and grassroots-funded.

Thanks to all their work and to the community.

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PHOTOS: Grand openings, actions, and grassroots fundraising!

MCRU opens its’ shared North Nashville organizing center, Jorge’s action draws neighborhood’s attention to unethical boss, and NEXT WEEK Jennifer’s action to recover stolen wages!

There’s a lot going on right now.

Instead of trying to tell you all about it all at once, we figured we’d share some photos of what the organization and the movement have looked like over the past few days, before we try and get into all of this too deeply.

35 North Nashville community members and allies from around the city (including 7 or 8 children!!) packed into the new organizing & community center led as a partner space by Music City Riders’ United and Black Lives Matter – Nashville!

30 workers, students, and neighbors lead a protest outside boss’ home where Jorge reports he worked and was not paid 

70 community members pack a church in Southeast Nashville. Workers’ Dignity is one of several anchor organization of the open coalition Nashville Community Defense.

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Housekeeper defeats short-term rental company, wins back wage!

Victory for Just Hospitality!


Just two days before a planned protest. Claudia was paid her full wages for work performed for a housekeeping agency at the Dallas on Elliston, a high-end apartment complex in Midtown Nashville. After these events, Claudia has decided to CANCEL the planned protest at the Dallas on Elliston.

Billionaire Developers frequently use cleaning agencies to cut costs, and then wash their hands of responsibility when those same companies cheat their employees. increasingly, workers in Nashville have taken to the streets to demand that those who profit most from our sweat fulfill their moral obligation to pay stolen wages.

“Thanks to all the members, allies, and volunteers who supported this fight,” said Claudia. “Especially to all the advocates who always stood with us. Thanks to all the donors who with their contributions make Workers’ Dignity a strong and growing organization.”

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We did it.

1 (1)

Our first words in 2017: thank you.

Thanks to you, we beat our goal and raised a stunning $52,665 from 323 people who support our cause. We are really happy and excited to share this victory with both low-wage worker members and our allies.

Thanks to your support, we are working to carry out the training program for housekeepers who want to organize in their workplaces. In 2016 many different hotelworkers fought for and won wage raises of almost $100,000 per year. The fight is growing — imagine how much more workers will win in 2017!

At the same time we also are working to find a workers’ center in North Nashville for our friends at Music City Riders United who are working hard to improve public transport in the city.

We want to share this victory with all of you, so that you know that your support has been essential for us to grow. We also want you to know that  you can support the growth of allied organizations like Black Lives Matter who recently launched an organizational plan and fundraiser. Read more here.

Clearly we are in a time of a growing social movement for justice, and today we are going forward together.

Diana Lopez
Coordinator, Just Hospitality Campaign

PS. A special thanks to allied organizations Black Lives Matter Nashville, SURJ, and Nashville Feminist Collective for putting in a truly exceptional amount of energy in helping promote our fundraising drive.

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